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Cafe Elena

About Us

“It’s my work. It’s my hobby. It’s my life — I never stop.” - Elena

About Elena

While still living in her native Russia, Elena spent more than 35 years as a professional chef cook, and baker in a variety of restaurants. Her list of recipes has expanded since then, especially after moving to the US.

Elena started by cooking and baking for friends and family, then her passion inspired her to start her own business in Columbus, OH. She wants to satisfy the diverse cravings of her customers, so if a particular menu offering is getting good reviews, Elena makes it more frequently.

She can dish up just about everything, from high-end European-style wedding cakes to decadent tortes and sweet table displays. With a cooking style that is light, she focuses on using fine-quality and natural ingredients that make the flavors of her creations stand out.

Elena has developed a vast repertoire after working in the culinary industry for more than 30 years. In all the pastries she created and dishes she made over the course of her career, she channels her experiences as she continues on creating her own style and taste.

About Lana

Lana, Elena’s daughter, loves to cook and has dedicated her time to doing what she is passionate about. Just like her mother, she aims to make people happy by serving them a variety of healthy dishes inspired by international flavors.